Enwy.io and DioXen are SCAMS

Well…I got most of my deposit back but not all…They have stopped paying about 60% back to ROI. Banners are removed from the site – Please DO NOT sign up to these services unless you want less than your investment back ;p

Enwy has not even bothered to reply…DioXen keeps saying all will be paid but nothing happens.

You Win some…You lose some!

BitConnect and Laser Online are doing great so far. Both have released updates regarding progress (BitConnect’s Pay Card…sounds fishy but let’s see), and Laser is doing an ICO (Laser Coin)…they may be trying to setup a lending platform like BitConnect.

BTCHash.io is working for now but too early to tell (seems too good to be true, but they claim to let you pull your investment and earnings at will (business days only with some processing time). Let’s see how these go!

As always – If you invest in these, make sure you invest what you are willing to lose. Many HYIP ARE scams it seems. I know people say they are but I want to try a few myself. These “cloud mining” sites are the worst…absolute garbage despite how cool they look.