Nov 2nd HYIP Update

So far things are going great except with – those folks are still in scammer pile until I get my BTC back from them.

I am getting LTC from DioXen and Enwy still…BitConnect paying great interest and the compound interest is building up…and Laser Online is still working out:

(Minimum Withdrawal DioXen .04LTC)

(Minimum Withdrawal Enwy .1 LTC)

BitConnect is ROCKING with my initial investment of $1010 worth of BCC – It’s $10 or $20 earned interest reinvested daily.

(BitConnect Interest 1.59% and 1.69% for my $1010 deposit w/ .1% bonus):

And last but not least – Laser Online…$50 of LTC for 15 days maturation to get $72 back: