Nov 9th – HYIP Updates

Pretty much writing off Auroramine as a loss. It’s not coming back.

DioXen and Enwy doing great! I’ve paid out more and reinvested a bit to get some more coins faster (not much though as I reinvested only small pieces of the profits back in).

Laser Online is paying as advertised – put in $50 of LTC, paid out $50 so far (well $30 and tomorrow morning I’ll have another $20 delivered – it’s 24 hours to pay out)…and I will have $22 LTC as profits. I will re-invest that earn for as long as possible 🙂

BitConnect is doing ok even though we had a few low interested days…They also reduced their referrals from 7% to 5% as what appears to be a way to sustain the program with all the new popularity that it’s been receiving.

Let’s see how long these will last – I’ll post the screenshots and proof here below for each service. If you wanna try – please use my links and use only what you would be willing to risk losing (as any high risk investment).


Payouts so far – Minimum .04 LTC:

Purchased ($50 worth of LTC) and Re-invested Hash:


Payouts so far – Minimum .01 LTC:

Purchased Hash ($50 of LTC) and Re-invested Hash:

Laser Online ($50 LTC Invested):

BitConnect ($1010 BCC Invested):

Earnings so far:

Interest Snapshot:

Earnings Snapshot:

So far so Good!!!

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