Well…Laser.Online and Bitconnect scaring me…

Anyone notice that http://laser.online goes to Bitconnect now? What happened?!?

I’ve written off Laser at a loss but I only had invested $33 LTC on the 2nd round and was reinvesting all my earnings to make 12% off of it and reinvest constantly (like BitConnect). They may be gone with word of their social media disappearing and what not…

BitConnect is still going strong though! I am reinvesting approximately $20 or $30 per day now when interest is decent (~1%).

So Far (from initial $1010 BCC investment):

Average Re-Invests now (after main deposit interest and all compounding interest):

Average Interest from Re-Invests:

Does any of this mean BitConnect is not a scam? Nope…but it’s working and tracking properly – Something Laser.Online (even when it worked) had a hard time doing. This is very important when it comes to interest gains of course! You don’t want to get ripped off, and you want to know exactly what you are earning. BitConnect does very good with that at least.

At some point the daily gains will be large enough to warrant withdrawals, and/or only partial reinvests on some days…at least that’s the goal!

I will be VERY hesitant to join any other HYIP at this point though..