Private World of Warcraft Server Launched

I’m happy to announce the public release of our AzerothCore WOTLK Private (and free) WoW server! This is a WOTLK vanilla experience. If you need help – you can ping Nyx or Demos (GM aka me) for any assistance.

I encourage people to play and enjoy but please no hacks/cheats and please avoid bots…I don’t really have a problem with bots generally IF you use them lightly. I mean to solo, or help you play solo with a few bot ‘assistants’. What I want to avoid are farming bots that keep stealing mats from people that are trying to manually farm. Don’t be a jerk and you can use your bot in a nice ‘subtle fashion’. If you abuse the service you will be warned and/or banned.

Interested in playing? Check the top link or check . You can grab the client and we recommend two cool add-ons Questhelper and ZygorGuides. You can find those here: as well as many other cool addons!