BitConnect Closed Down Lending Platform

Take your BCC and dump it fast folks – BCC has closed the Lending Platform, but has released everyone’s investments (In BCC…but their BCC to BTC Exchange is not working).

DUMP time folks. I can’t believe they have BitConnectX ICO planned and an exchange but are exiting this way…I will not be investing with them anymore ever again. I lost any value I had in this lending, and for me it was a waste of time. I would have done better to have had the BCC and traded it sooner for BTC when the value was high.

Alas – Live and learn! This was the last HYIP I will ever participate in. They are mostly all scams folks ;( – Stay away from them!

PS4 4.05 Kernel Exploit Released!

I’m a few days late to see this (more like a week) – but the good news is a PS4 Kernel exploit has been released by SpectreDev.

This isn’t a walk in the park for n00bs, but is fairly easy for techie folks. Note – There is NO payload (yet) for running Homebrew or Backup ISO’s…this will come in due time.

If you are looking for PS4 4.05 Firmware (you have to be on 4.05 at the time of writing this article), you can find it here:

PS4 Firmware 4.05 PUP (297 MB)
MD5 Checksum (PS4UPDATE_SYSTEM.PUP) = 203c76c97f7be5b881dd0c77c8edf385

Read more about the original exploit info from PSXHAX here:

Looking to host the exploit on your own LAN (I would…) – Well check here:

It’s only a matter of time before PS4 will be wide-open like PS3 – w000t!

Well…Laser.Online and Bitconnect scaring me…

Anyone notice that goes to Bitconnect now? What happened?!?

I’ve written off Laser at a loss but I only had invested $33 LTC on the 2nd round and was reinvesting all my earnings to make 12% off of it and reinvest constantly (like BitConnect). They may be gone with word of their social media disappearing and what not…

BitConnect is still going strong though! I am reinvesting approximately $20 or $30 per day now when interest is decent (~1%).

So Far (from initial $1010 BCC investment):

Average Re-Invests now (after main deposit interest and all compounding interest):

Average Interest from Re-Invests:

Does any of this mean BitConnect is not a scam? Nope…but it’s working and tracking properly – Something Laser.Online (even when it worked) had a hard time doing. This is very important when it comes to interest gains of course! You don’t want to get ripped off, and you want to know exactly what you are earning. BitConnect does very good with that at least.

At some point the daily gains will be large enough to warrant withdrawals, and/or only partial reinvests on some days…at least that’s the goal!

I will be VERY hesitant to join any other HYIP at this point though..

Adding to SCAM list

Well – This entry deserves another post of it’s own. This nice site is a scam as I’m learning most of these HYIP are.

Laser.Online (still sketchy) and BitConnect’s Lending Platform (also sketchy) are as good as they get so far., Dioxen, and are all similar scams. All with great websites – but allllll money stealers.

Took down banners. and DioXen are SCAMS

Well…I got most of my deposit back but not all…They have stopped paying about 60% back to ROI. Banners are removed from the site – Please DO NOT sign up to these services unless you want less than your investment back ;p

Enwy has not even bothered to reply…DioXen keeps saying all will be paid but nothing happens.

You Win some…You lose some!

BitConnect and Laser Online are doing great so far. Both have released updates regarding progress (BitConnect’s Pay Card…sounds fishy but let’s see), and Laser is doing an ICO (Laser Coin)…they may be trying to setup a lending platform like BitConnect. is working for now but too early to tell (seems too good to be true, but they claim to let you pull your investment and earnings at will (business days only with some processing time). Let’s see how these go!

As always – If you invest in these, make sure you invest what you are willing to lose. Many HYIP ARE scams it seems. I know people say they are but I want to try a few myself. These “cloud mining” sites are the worst…absolute garbage despite how cool they look.


Found a new one from my buddies that they are signing up for, so I threw 1 LTC at it myself. It’s early so good time to get in 🙂

What I like so far about this site is the “Every Minute” earnings, and the ability to pull your money out at any time. Let’s see how it goes – If you sign up, please use my referral link:


Enwy and DioXen not paying out for several days

Well – It’s been several days and I have not been able to complete a payout from either DioXen nor Enwy. I opened a couple of tickets with Enwy with no reply. DioXen admin replied saying payouts are processed in order that they are received, but they’ve never taken so long (and it’s Litecoin).

DioXen no payments (two processing not received):

Enwy no payments (17.11.2017 not received):

We’ll see if anything arrives – but be aware – I wouldn’t invest anything else with them for the time being. If nothing amounts of this in a few days – I’m pulling banners from site.

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