ScummVM 2.7.0 Released

The beloved ScummVM has released an updated version 2.7.0

Here are the main updates:

New games:

  • Added support for Soldier Boyz.
  • Added support for C64 and ZX Spectrum versions of GLK Scott Adams Interactive Fiction games.
  • Added support for GLK Scott Adams adventures 1-12 in the TI99/4A format.
  • Added support for Obsidian.
  • Added support for Pink Panther: Passport to Peril.
  • Added support for Pink Panther: Hokus Pokus Pink.
  • Added support for Adibou 2 “Environment”, “Read/Count 4 & 5” and “Read/Count 6 & 7”.
  • Added support for Driller/Space Station Oblivion (DOS/EGA/CGA, Amiga, AtariST, ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC versions).
  • Added support for Halls of the Dead: Faery Tale Adventure II.
  • Added support for Chop Suey, Eastern Mind, and 16 other Director 3 and Director 4 titles.

New platforms:

  • Added support for the RetroMini RS90 under OpenDingux beta.
  • Added support for the 1st generation Miyoo (New BittBoy, Pocket Go and PowKiddy Q90-V90-Q20) under TriForceX MiyooCFW.
  • Added support for the Miyoo Mini.
  • Added support for KolibriOS.


  • Reduced amount of false positives in Mass Add.
  • Updated the Roland MT-32 emulation code to Munt mt32emu 2.7.0.
  • Added support for shader-based scalers.
  • Added option for mono sound output (via –output-channels=CHANNELS command line option).
  • Improved cursor scaling in OpenGL mode.
  • Fix crash when browsing folders containing files with \1 in the names.
  • Added possibility to specify RNG seed via GUI or command line option.
  • Added possibility to run ScummVM in autodetection mode by renaming the executable starting with ‘scummvm-auto’ or by providing an empty file named ‘scummvm-autorun’ next to the ScummVM executable.
  • Added possibility to supply command line parameters which will be picked up automatically. Put them one per line in a file named ‘scummvm-autorun’.
  • Added possibility to customize the default settings by specifying an initial configuration file to load if no configuration file exists in the usual location (via –initial-cfg=FILE or -i command line option).
  • Added support for loading game resources which are bigger than 2GB on more platforms.

(You can view the full Changelog)

You can download the latest binaries from HERE

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