EmulatorJS 4.x Added to Emulation Section

Hello Everyone – it’s been a while!

I’ve been working on emulation stuff for a bit and have added the EmulatorJS suite to the emulation section here:


I have a retro project using this core which is much better but I can’t release it to the public (at least not yet) because of 1) legality concerns and 2) security concerns.

The emulators available right now require you to provide your own roms. The retro system I have provides them…and as you can image this runs in to grey zones in legality. I don’t want any legal issues for bringing the classic retro passion to folks (which makes me $0 lol). The greatest concern is security though…The software was designed to be used locally, not over the internet.

Hopefully as time progresses – legality and security issues will be addressed. Until then – Enjoy!

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