Ethereum Mining Profitable Again

Lots of people have been interested in my AMD RX580 BIOS mod:

Original (you should make your own…but just in case):
Modded with 1750 over 2000 straps:

Now is a good time to be mining some Ethereum, and if you want to improve your performance, these BIOS mods may be what you are looking for! Check out’s Calculator (modify to your specs of course):

I am currently running them with 28+MH/s on Phoenix Miner on EthOS. Your mileage may vary:

GPU1: 65C 100% 125W, GPU2: 59C 100% 127W
GPUs power: 252.0 W
Eth speed: 56.351 MH/s, shares: 2356/0/0, time: 116:14
GPUs: 1: 28.264 MH/s (1171) 2: 28.087 MH/s (1185)

Get this card (Asus DUAL-RX580-8OG) on Amazon Here:

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