Ethereum Mining Profitable Again

Lots of people have been interested in my AMD RX580 BIOS mod:

Original (you should make your own…but just in case):
Modded with 1750 over 2000 straps:

Now is a good time to be mining some Ethereum, and if you want to improve your performance, these BIOS mods may be what you are looking for! Check out’s Calculator (modify to your specs of course):

I am currently running them with 28+MH/s on Phoenix Miner on EthOS. Your mileage may vary:

GPU1: 65C 100% 125W, GPU2: 59C 100% 127W
GPUs power: 252.0 W
Eth speed: 56.351 MH/s, shares: 2356/0/0, time: 116:14
GPUs: 1: 28.264 MH/s (1171) 2: 28.087 MH/s (1185)

Get this card (Asus DUAL-RX580-8OG) on Amazon Here:

LiteCoin Block Reward Halving Soon!

LiteCoin is going from 25 to 12.5 coins per block reward at block 1,680,000.

This is going to happen in approximately:

-1782Days -7Hours -35Minutes -53Seconds

This is only an estimate – to see it on CoinGeko check out here:

What does this mean for those that HODL their LTC?!

Hopefully that means the value will spike up considerably because it’s become that much harder to obtain more Litecoin!

Best Crypto Staking Pool

Still doing crypto? Well you’re probably shying away from mining with GPU/Asic because the electricity is not on par with the profits. If you are still using ASICs – well then…you need even more staking to offset the costs!



I’ve been using them for a couple of months and I’m impressed! They seem to add new coins here and there (they tend to avoid low value coins and add higher value coins).

They even have their own coin (StakeCube Coin – SCC) which is doing pretty good!

(Originally Posted October 6, 2018)

UPDATE – I knew these sites are prime targets for hackers…and they DID get hacked. However, I respect that they are trying to repay all the users and continue operations. I’ve received some funds back and will continue to stake with these folks!

All HYIP Crypto Programs Are SCAMS

Don’t do them…I’ve been screwed over on multiple scams!

Prior posts have been removed after I rebuilt the site (upgrade failure…had to recover…long story). But here are the scams I can confirm as they ripped me off:

Bitconnect ( (
Dioxen ( (
Laser.Online ( (

There are LOTS more that existed, exist, and will likely appear. If it sounds too good to be true, it IS.

Even some that are not scams are prime targets for hackers to take you down…or get “hacked” and exit with your coins…

Be Careful 😉

Asus RX 580 8GB (DUAL-RX580-OG) Mining Bios Mod

I picked up a few Asus RX 580 for mining Ethereum and some other Altcoins:


They have 8GB of Samsung memory with this Bios label: 115-D009PI2-101

I basically dumped the bios using atiflash in EthOS and transferred it to my Windows PC. Used the forked Polaris Bios editorto set 1750 straps on 2000 and saved. Moved back and flashed. I went from 24.5 to 27.5 MH/s on Ethereum. I’m playing with CPU and Memory timings in Claymore now…I hear we should be able to get 30 Mh/s out of these bad boys 😉

I’ve flashed them and have been using them for several days now with no issues.

Original (you should make your own…but just in case):
Modded with 1750 over 2000 straps:

*** I’m not a pro modder! This is a very basic (and what I believe to be safe) tweak. I give a standard disclaimer on these…but they should be safe.***

Now that’s out of the way – Enjoy! 🙂

If you find these helpful and want to chip in for a beer (or a few) – Thank you!

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Here is a really helpful link too:

(Originally Posted June 13, 2017)