SIP ALG tester is NOT online. I had to take it down because people were abusing it unfortunately. It MIGHT come back if I can mitigate the malicious activity from the n00bs that spam a helpful service in hopes for what exactly? Dumb folks always screw it up for everyone :/

Forked ScummVM-Emscripten port for DOS Games

I tried to compile the ScummVM-Emscripten port by juj without initial success. So…I had to hack up the configure script and a file (forbidden.h) to make it work with Ubuntu 18.04 Emscripten 1.38.27 (latest at the time of this post).

I haven’t modified it more than that though…overall the project looks abandoned and hasn’t been improved or documented very well (i.e. where is scummvm.ini? How to package games correctly and autostart them. Full screen? pssh).

I’m working on tweaking the games to see if I can get Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders FM-Towns version (the only 256 color version with great sound) working in my DOS Games section.

I’ve added quite a few games to this section and will continue to add some more 🙂

Updating DOS Games Section

For those of you that love the old DOS Classics and/or grew up playing them – We’ll I have a taste of some of that which you can play in your web browser:

Check out the “DOS Games” section at the top Menu!

(Firefox tends to work better than Chrome, but you can usually use either with good results.)

There are a couple of projects that use Emscripten…This allows you to compile C code to Javascript…so you can get something like DOSBox, ScummVM, etc working! (Standard Emscripten Port) (YKsoft1’s Fork w/ MT-32) (YKsoft1’s Fork of Dosbox-x)

Once you get it compiled, you can get fullscreen web-browser gaming that looks like this:

The Secret of Monkey Island

The Secret of Monkey Island

If it wasn’t for DOS games, I would have never had such a big interest in computers when I was a kid. It was only due to the complex configuration that was required for each game (some times more, even involving bootdisks) that made me learn. It was difficult at first, but as with anything – gets easy with familiarity. Compiling this stuff is another story … lol.

Oregon Trail

Oregon Trail

Growing up I couldn’t afford (or knew that it existed actually…) a Roland MT-32 sound card/interface. I, like most folks, had a Sound Blaster. Being able to play these games with Roland MT-32 is huge difference sometimes. There is also the Gravis UltraSound which was also great, but I never had. You can play these different games with different sound cards enabled.

Unfortunately, the MT-32 emulation is great on PC, but a bit laggy (for now) in the web browser DOSbox emulation. This is why I’ve put up 2 types (and also for comparison) of the two for some games.


Circuits Edge

For the record – those screenshots are all from the fullscreen mode games…not some other emulator! If you run the non-mt32 versions…the games are quite playable. If you have a joystick connected – SDL will likely detect it too (Great for Red Baron!).

As far as copyright ownership – Abandonware is a grey area as I understand…but if anyone contacts me to take down any content…(Really? you can’t download or even save here…it’s more to get people to buy your game from GOG or other place!)…I’m happy to do so 😉 Most of these games have value to those who had them back in the day I would assume, so they already purchased these games.

P.S. -> Keep checking back for updates. I like to work on this on my spare time, so you will see more stuff pop-up here and there!

How to fix broken install button phpBB 3.2 with Nginx

It looks phpBB 3.2 is no longer super friendly with Nginx unless you put a specific entry in your server block…And by not super friendly…I mean you can’t even install the damn thing anymore with a standard server block configuration!

However, All you have to do is add this after one of the locations in there:

        location /install/app.php {
                 try_files $uri $uri/ /install/app.php?$query_string;

This took me a while to find, so hopefully it helps you! After adding this, I finally was able to get the Installation to appear after clicking the “Install” tab 🙂

Found it here:

Thanks battye!

Merry Christmas!

Been a while since I’ve provided an update. Crypto has taken a dive for the most part, sites have been hacked, and the Holidays are upon us. So…I’ve added an x86 emulator to the site for some fun. Check it out and…

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

(Originally Posted December 18, 2018)

Best Crypto Staking Pool

Still doing crypto? Well you’re probably shying away from mining with GPU/Asic because the electricity is not on par with the profits. If you are still using ASICs – well then…you need even more staking to offset the costs!



I’ve been using them for a couple of months and I’m impressed! They seem to add new coins here and there (they tend to avoid low value coins and add higher value coins).

They even have their own coin (StakeCube Coin – SCC) which is doing pretty good!

(Originally Posted October 6, 2018)

UPDATE – I knew these sites are prime targets for hackers…and they DID get hacked. However, I respect that they are trying to repay all the users and continue operations. I’ve received some funds back and will continue to stake with these folks!

FIX For Android “Out of Space” error when installing APK

OK…So this issue had really pissed me off and I had finally found a fix for it. Anyone that has a rooted phone has possibly heard of APPS2SD or Link2SD…you most certainly have heard of it if you have a rooted phone like the Samsung On5 with extremely limited (FFS!) Internal Memory space.

Well have you “All of a sudden” began having errors when attempting to install APK files? I was able to install (most) apps from the Google Play Store app with no issues. However, I was not able to install any APK of any file. I wanted to mess around with LuckyPatcher, so I thought perhaps it was being blocked by KNOX or something…nope – It will warn you about the installation when it’s successful. Otherwise “Out of Space” errors galore.

To fix this you need to go in to APPS2SD (or other) and set the default location to “Auto” vs the default “External”.

In Apps2SD:

  • Click “Link apps to SD card”
  • Press the Menu button on the upper right (the three …)
  • Set Install Location
  • Set to Auto and press OK
  • Exit out of the app
  • Try to install your APK again 🙂

Links2SD has a Menu -> Settings -> “Install location” option where you can do the same thing. However, if you initially used Apps2SD like me…(or possibly vice-versa though I haven’t confirmed this) – you will have to use the original app that you used to set the default location. At least…I had to as it wouldn’t let me do this in Links2SD

I can not take credit for this fix – and I’m a person who gives credit where due:

(Originally Posted June 2, 2018)

PS4 4.05 Exploit without PC

The PS4 Scene is on a ROLL!

Now you can exploit PS4’s on 4.05 without a PC using only the PS4 web browser:

PS2 Emulation on the PS4 is working better than the PS3 was too and they got it working already!

(Originally Posted January 22, 2018)

PS4 4.05 Kernel Exploit Released!

I’m a few days late to see this (more like a week) – but the good news is a PS4 Kernel exploit has been released by SpectreDev.

This isn’t a walk in the park for n00bs, but is fairly easy for techie folks. Note – There is NO payload (yet) for running Homebrew or Backup ISO’s…this will come in due time.

If you are looking for PS4 4.05 Firmware (you have to be on 4.05 at the time of writing this article), you can find it here:

PS4 Firmware 4.05 PUP (297 MB)
MD5 Checksum (PS4UPDATE_SYSTEM.PUP) = 203c76c97f7be5b881dd0c77c8edf385

Read more about the original exploit info from PSXHAX here:

Looking to host the exploit on your own LAN (I would…) – Well check here:

It’s only a matter of time before PS4 will be wide-open like PS3 – w000t!

(Originally Posted January 10, 2018)

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